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Episode 9: Cut Throat 11/9

This week’s episode of Survivor was way over-hyped in promos, but that’s not to say it wasn’t great.  I appreciated the fast-forward, since both eliminations were fairly obvious, and it saved us from an extra episode’s worth of Jim whining (more on that later).

Ozzy Voted Out

Ozzy’s banishment to Redemption Island was the best case scenario for everyone, I think. Upolu (and Cochran) eliminated a huge challenge threat.  All the remaining Savaii members dodged a bullet.  Ozzy, at least for now, can play the game without his self-righteousness and utter lack of social skills getting in the way.  We, the viewers, are being given a break from his his delusional spewing.  It’s a win-win-win-win.

This probably goes without saying, but Ozzy is far too confident about his chances on Redemption Island.  The duels are not run-of-the-mill Survivor obstacle courses.  They typically require some degree of mental ability, which Ozzy clearly lacks.  And now that they’ve merged, he’ll be up against much more worthy opponents.

What Happened to Jim?

I was really starting to like Jim up until he called Cochran a coward two weeks ago.  And no, that’s not just because I’m a Cochran fantard (which I am).  Up until the merge, Jim made it abundantly clear that he was willing to slit any throats necessary to advance himself in the game.  And yet, when someone (Cochran) did it to him, Jim’s all of a sudden on a soapbox made of integrity and righteousness?  Please.  He’s my least favorite type of Survivor player–the one who can dish it out but can’t take it.

He really screwed up with his “rousing speech” strategy, too.  When has that EVER worked?  I get that he was backed into a corner and pretty much had no other options, but the fact that he had even slight confidence in that plan is totally baffling.

Other Stuff

  • Upolu is still solid at this point, but you can see the cracks starting to form.  They’re an alliance of 5 type-A people (and Rick), so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if some splinter groups form within the next couple of weeks.
  • I’m curious how the 3 people on RI thing will play out, because I do recall Jeff Probst saying in an interview (or on twitter, I forget) that there would only be two-person duels this season.
  • Cochran should stop wearing Coach’s blazer.  He looks like a toddler in it.
  • Actually, Coach should stop wearing Coach’s blazer too. He looks like a douche in it.
  • The budding bromance between Cochran and Brandon is absolutely bizarre.  I don’t think it’ll last.

Midterm Progress Reports! 11/2

benedict cochran

Photoshop by Sportsman at SurvivorSucks

Sorry I’m posting this so late, but I had to breathe through a paper bag for a full 24 hours after last night’s tribal.  That will definitely go down in the annals of Survivor’s most memorable tribal councils (right up there with Paschal’s purple rock, Becky’s and Sundra’s pathetic firemaking skills, James being booted with 2 idols, and pretty much every tribal council in Micronesia). We got it all last night–arguments! deception! asinine usage of idols! ties! backstabbing! name-calling! Rick’s mustache! Sophie’s mustache!

Ultimately, I think the right person was booted and Cochran made the right choice in flipping.  He put himself in a terribly, terribly stupid position where he had to burn half the tribe no matter what he did, but Upolu is a way more reliable, solid (read: not retarded) alliance to be a part of than Savaii.  I’m very, very interested to see how Cochran tries to swing this all to his original tribemates.

How everyone is measuring up at this point:

  • Dawn: I really like her and she’s playing a decent game, but she won’t make it to finals.  She has no close allies and she’s far too likable for anyone to want to take her to the end.
  • Ozzy: The worst.  Will never win.  Too stupid, too egocentric, too over-the-top.  Please, please, please, O Survivor gods, let this be his last appearance on the show.
  • Jim: Great strategist, but I think he’s too cutthroat to win jury votes.
  • Keith: Non-entity in the game.  And his stupid compass tattoo bothers me.
  • Whitney: Even less of an entity than Keith.  Nothing comes to mind when I think about her except “southern accent” and “neon bra in the first episode.”
  • Cochran:  Still my favorite, but he screwed himself.  He’s not a physical threat at all (duh), so hopefully he’ll be able to mend fences enough to make it to the end.  I think he lost a lot of jury votes last night, unfortunately.
  • Coach: Megadouche, but he’s in good enough standing with his tribe to make it quite far (he’ll never win, though).
  • Edna: Great strategy, not so great execution sometimes. Probably won’t make it to finals unless Coach is there as well.
  • Albert: Sitting pretty at this point.  He’s a huge threat to make it to the end (and win), which is exactly why he won’t.
  • Brandon: Totally certifiable, but I like him.  He’s well-intentioned and extremely naive, which is appealing as a viewer.  He’s likely to be brought to the end as a goat, but he’ll never win.
  • Sophie: Playing an awesomely subtle game.  She’s in a solid alliance, she’s aggressive but not outwardly so, she’s not a physical threat and she knows how to keep her mouth shut.  There’s a real possibility she’ll win if she makes it.
  • Rick:  I want to see more of him.  I’d vote him most likely to be brought to the end for doing absolutely nothing.

p.s. Te Tuna just might be the worst merge name in the history of the show.  Right up there with Nobag (“It’s Gabon backwards!”).

Rick Speaks! Episode 6 (10/19)

I’m not really going to get into the Redemption Island duel, since it was boring and a waste of time (mostly because I haven’t cared an iota about any duelee so far this season).  Moving on…

Ozzy Fails at Strategy

I love a good blindside.  I especially love when a delusional weenie with a God complex finds out no one respects him (and no, I’m not talking about Coach).  Ozzy really brought the crazy tonight, first trying to calmly reason it out with his tribe.  Only, “I’m now what they call a free agent,” isn’t really reasonable.

Once Ozzy realized that road would lead to nowhere, he switched gears and tried to play the victim.  When Dawn (love her!) called him out for being a hypocrite, Ozzy just lost it.  He blurted out in frustration that he has the hidden immunity idol.

The next day, he realized how screwed he was and tried to spin the whole idol blab as “trying to reunify” with everyone.  In his confessional, he said he was trying to just do his best and “lead by example.”  I’m sorry, Ozzy, what are you leading?  Your alliance of one?  Or your tribe of people who neither like nor respect you?  Cochran said it best: “He’s just behaving like a stupid bitch.”

Mikayla Fails at Slingshots, Life

Mikayla really did suck at the immunity challenge.  And she was a stubborn dumbass for not just dropping out when it became obvious that her coconut-slinging skills were subpar.  If you suck at a challenge, there’s not much you can do other than step aside so the others can get it done.  Refusing to step aside tells the tribe that your ego is more important than teamwork.

I’ve never liked Mikayla.  I think she’s whiny, not all that intelligent, and she’s yet to make me laugh at all.  Plus, she gave Brandon a tingly feeling in his privates, although I guess I can’t really hold that against her, since that’s about the only entertainment she’s brought to the season.  I’m not at all disappointed Mikayla got voted out.  I’m just happy they kept Edna.  I like Edna.  She knows exactly how to kiss Coach’s ass.  I hope she makes it far.

Other Notes

  • Coach, when considering whether he should tell Brandon about the idol, said “Is witholding information lying?  It’s a gray area.”  HOW OLD ARE YOU?!
  • Rick is no longer invisible!  How exciting!  Although I must say, his voice is disappointingly un-twangy.
  • I love Edna’s makeshift visor.  It appears to be made out of a treemail and a string.  It makes me laugh every time I see it.  It’s just so ridiculous looking.
  • Brandon, when trying to tell Jeff that the next challenge was crucial to Upolu’s success post-merge, said “This next challenge is detrimental to the way this game turns out.”  It’s OK, Brandon.  Words are hard.
  • Edna’s little vote confessional to Mikayla was possibly the best I’ve ever heard.  As she held up Mikayla’s name, she said, “I hope your time here has helped your future modeling career.”  Edna, you passive-aggressive bitch!  Brilliant!

Taste the Victory 10/12

Survivor: South Pacific delivered yet again last night.  They’re showing significantly less Redemption Island footage this season, allowing for more time to develop the plot in the “real” game.  Whether this was an intentional format change or simply a coincidence, I don’t know.  But I like it.

Redemption Island

The episode started out with Stacey and Christine griping on RI.  Stacey is a bitter bitch, but she makes me laugh.  She said her tribe was “going to hell with gasoline drawers on,” for chrissake.  Where does she come up with this stuff?  Once she got into her whole “Benjamin” speech at the duel, though, it became apparent that she’s legitimately off her rocker and should probably be medicated.  Her one-liners will be missed.

Coach “Don’t Call Me Benjamin” Wade

Coach seems to have erased a lot of his progress this week.  For the past few episodes he’s been coming across as a lot more mature, sane, and likable than past seasons.  But last night, Coach was back to doing Coach things (calling himself “Dragon” after finding the idol, for example).  It’s only a matter of time before the stories about pygmy cannibals start up again.  Sigh.

Middle-Aged Ozzy

Over on Savaii, Ozzy continues to prove that he’s learned nothing from his past failures in this game.  He’s still the same old judgmental, narcissistic guy he always was, only now he’s older and less in-shape.  He really thought he was running the game up until Elyse was blindsided, and I was happy to see him knocked down a few pegs. I can’t wait to see how that whole storyline unfolds next week, and I’m sure he’ll be needing his hidden immunity idol soon enough.

Whose Meat Weighs the Most?

The immunity challenge made the middle schooler in me giggle.  It was one “That’s what she said” after another.  Who doesn’t love a good inadvertent penis joke (or twenty)?  Both teams fought hard to fit the most meat in their mouths (teehee), but ultimately, Upolu’s meat was more massive (haha) and they won immunity.  They also won reward, which consisted of spices, veggies, and all 22 pounds of regurgitated meat from the challenge.  Yum.

Coch-Train Survives Again

While I would have loved to see Ozzy go last night, Savaii needs to keep their tribe strong until the merge, so Elyse was the next best thing.  I think they made a wise decision.  I do, however, think that Keith & Whitney were dumb to vote for Dawn.  I know they were trying to avoid ruffling any feathers, but being non-committal like that often has the opposite effect. They’ve made it clear that they’re not really loyal to either side, and wild cards can be perceived as very threatening in this game.

I’ll be interested to see who wins the duel next week.  I’m also very excited to see how Ozzy handles the realization that he’s not running the game anymore.  I can’t wait for next week’s episode!

Survivalism (10/5)

This season is really off to a great start.  I love the cast, and while I’m not crazy about Redemption Island, so far it hasn’t been too much of a hassle.  Last night’s episode was action-packed!

Brandon Rides the Crazy Train

I actually feel bad for Brandon.  It’s obvious he has a shady past and is still struggling to figure it all out–he has no business being on Survivor.  I think it’s hilarious, though, that all of his tribemates keep comparing him to Russell.  The fact of the matter is that Brandon and Russell have nothing in common (except, perhaps, for their mutual resemblance to a Tolkien character).  Brandon is obviously trying to do no wrong, but that’s virtually impossible in a game like Survivor.  He’s making himself look like a lunatic and it’s kind of embarrassing to watch.

I did love when Coach essentially told Brandon to shut the eff up.  Coach actually has some sense this season.  How the hell did that happen?  He’s stopped trying to be a caricature and started acting like an amicable, cool guy.  I actually feel like I might even like Coach.  I can’t believe I just typed those words.

Papa Bear Goes Home

It was sad to see Papa Bear lose the duel.  He had potential to be a very interesting character.  It particularly pained me to see him lose to Miss Personality herself, Christine, who just might have the worst case of stinkface I’ve ever seen.  She just seems like such an unhappy person.  I hope she doesn’t last on Redemption Island, but then again, her newest opponent (Stacey) is even worse.

Edna Tries Too Hard

I felt bad for Edna last night, too.  She got a bad rap.  She seems like a sweet lady who’s just a little clueless.  I don’t think she’s as hated on her tribe as they tried to make it seem, though.  I noticed that the only people who said anything negative about Edna were Stacey and Mikayla, both colossal bitches.  Stacey’s argument against Edna was that she talks too much.  OK, maybe she does. But I think they need to cut the poor girl some slack.

I think Stacey said it best when she said this about Edna: “Bones on bones can’t…Bones cant lift too much if it’s all skeleton with the bones.”  Well said, Stacey.

Dawn Kicks Ass, Stacey Gets Booted

The Immunity challenge last night is a classic Survivor challenge.  It’s one of my favorites because it always reminds me of Giles Corey.  Dawn desperately needed a boost to her self-confidence, and she got it last night.  She’s shaping up to be a really interesting character.

Of course, that meant Upolu lost the challenge, and Stacey’s abundantly cheerful demeanor got her voted out of the tribe.  Really, though, is it any surprise that she’s a mortician?  Her social skills and ability to form intelligible sentences are both severely lacking.  She’s not exactly a charmer, is she?

Other Notes

  • How hilarious were Brandon’s faces in this challenge?  He looked like he busted a night and/or pooped his pants.
  • Speaking of Brandon, have you noticed that his occupation on the show is listed as “Russell Hantz’s newphew”?  I wonder if that comes with dental.
  • Jim’s teeth really are “suspiciously white,” don’t you think?
  • I’d really like to hear more from the so-far invisible people (Ron Swanson Rick, Keith, Albert, Whitney)
  • I’m dying to find out what Coach’s big hangup is about being called Benjamin, and why everyone else in the game then proceeded to call him Benjamin.

See ya next week!

Survivor: South Pacific Cast Breakdown!

The cast of Survivor: South Pacific has been released on CBS.com, and it looks like a pretty diverse and interesting group of people!  We already know that Coach and Ozzy will be returning, and I’ve made my feelings on each of them pretty well known, so I want to take a look at everyone else.  Just like this season of Big Brother, we’ve got a pretty wide range in ages.  It seems like CBS is stepping away from the usual group of 20somethings with just a couple older folks thrown in.  The two tribes are called Upolu and Savaii.  This year is going to be another cast of 18, so let’s take a look at the 16 newbies!  I’m just giving you the highlights of each person’s bio, so if you want to read their full bios, check out CBS.com!

There’s a LOT to cover, so let’s dive right in!

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Seriously? Coach and Ozzy?

Rumors have been circulating for weeks about who the two returning players will be for Survivor: South Pacific.  The consensus seems to be that it’s Coach (crazy weirdo Dragonslayer from Tocantins and Heroes vs. Villains) and Ozzy (challenge dominator and undeserved fan favorite from Cook Islands and Micronesia).


If it is true, I don’t like it.  I’ve been sick of Coach’s schtick since Tocantins, especially after it was parroted last season by Phillip.  Then again, Phillip was one of the most talked-about contestants of RI, so maybe CBS is just trying to ride the crazy train all the way to the bank.

But Ozzy?  Huh?  I know people loved him in Cook Islands but he was kind of a giant weenie/crybaby in Micronesia.  I just don’t think he’s remained in the casual fan’s memory too much.  Of the twenty or so casual fans I’ve asked about him recently, most responded with, “Who?”  You can’t really blame them, though.  I never understood why he was ever a fan favorite to begin with. I mean, let’s look at a breakdown of his performance:

Basic Game Strategy: Good Swimmer

Personality: Douche

Achievements: Holding his breath underwater forever that one time; Having gross, unhygienic, neither-of-us-has-showered-in-weeks sex with Amanda in plain sight of both cameras and tribemates

Although, I’ll concede that he is in need of some redemption, since all he’s done aside from Survivor is a semi-porn and a B-movie I’ve never heard of.  Oh, and he’s a waiter now.  When you dream, kids…


Sites like realityblurred are treating this all as fact despite presenting relatively vague evidence for both contestants.  The realityblurred article says that Coach has cancelled a symphony performance he was slated to conduct, and that his voicemail message says he’ll be traveling for a couple of weeks.  Maybe he went for some redemption against the tribe of cannibal rapist natives who captured him on the Amazon?  Or maybe he was hospitalized after being completely overtaken by his delusions?  Or maybe he’s on some lavish vacation, enjoying all the money he’s made acting like a moron on TV?  The possibilities are really endless.

The article also claims that Ozzy allegedly has a voicemail message similar to Coach’s. He has supposedly taken a leave of absence from his job waiting tables.  None of Ozzy’s “evidence” is confirmed at all from what I can tell.  Realityblurred cites TVFunSpot, wherein the poster states that “someone else” gave him this information.


If I haven’t made my stance clear yet, I find all of this extremely suspect.  Despite the fact that I’ve been following this story for over two weeks now, I have yet to find any actual sources to back up the claims.  Apparently the poster who started this rumor has a history of spoilers coming true, but then again, that doesn’t prove anything.

I know realityblurred isn’t necessarily a bastion of journalistic integrity, but the leaps in logic in that article are astounding.  It’s a bit inappropriate for them to be presenting any of this as more than rumor at this point.  Based on what little evidence I’ve seen, I’m skeptical that any of it is true.

Then again, when I first heard the rumors about Rob & Russell returning, I didn’t believe that, either.

For now, my verdict is that it’s doubtful, not impossible, and hopefully false.