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Survivor: Philippines Twist (With Cast Spoilers!)

At the end of one of Survivor’s most boring reunion episodes ever last night (did we really need Blossom’s commentary on Colton?), Probst revealed the format for season 25, which will be held in the Philippines.  3 previous players who were evacuated for medical reasons in prior seasons will be returning for another shot.  And I have all the T on who the 3 returnees are, so if you want to know, click on the jump down below!

I have to be honest–I don’t love this idea.  I like the idea of bringing back people who were medevaced, but why only bring 3 among a cast of newbies? I’d much prefer they do all returnees or none.  How great would an “Unfinished Business” (a la a couple seasons of Amazing Race ago) be?  They could bring back people who made historically dumb moves (Erik, James), people who were medevaced, people who were eliminated due to purple rock debaucles, etc.  I could think up a full cast just off the top of my head.  But season 25 has already been filmed, so there’s no sense protesting it now.  Mark your calendars, because it looks like the season premiere of Survivor: Philippines will premiere on September 19th.

So who, exactly, is coming back? Find out more after the jump! WARNING: Clicking the link will reveal who the returning players are, so if you don’t want to know, don’t look! Continue reading


Seriously? Coach and Ozzy?

Rumors have been circulating for weeks about who the two returning players will be for Survivor: South Pacific.  The consensus seems to be that it’s Coach (crazy weirdo Dragonslayer from Tocantins and Heroes vs. Villains) and Ozzy (challenge dominator and undeserved fan favorite from Cook Islands and Micronesia).


If it is true, I don’t like it.  I’ve been sick of Coach’s schtick since Tocantins, especially after it was parroted last season by Phillip.  Then again, Phillip was one of the most talked-about contestants of RI, so maybe CBS is just trying to ride the crazy train all the way to the bank.

But Ozzy?  Huh?  I know people loved him in Cook Islands but he was kind of a giant weenie/crybaby in Micronesia.  I just don’t think he’s remained in the casual fan’s memory too much.  Of the twenty or so casual fans I’ve asked about him recently, most responded with, “Who?”  You can’t really blame them, though.  I never understood why he was ever a fan favorite to begin with. I mean, let’s look at a breakdown of his performance:

Basic Game Strategy: Good Swimmer

Personality: Douche

Achievements: Holding his breath underwater forever that one time; Having gross, unhygienic, neither-of-us-has-showered-in-weeks sex with Amanda in plain sight of both cameras and tribemates

Although, I’ll concede that he is in need of some redemption, since all he’s done aside from Survivor is a semi-porn and a B-movie I’ve never heard of.  Oh, and he’s a waiter now.  When you dream, kids…


Sites like realityblurred are treating this all as fact despite presenting relatively vague evidence for both contestants.  The realityblurred article says that Coach has cancelled a symphony performance he was slated to conduct, and that his voicemail message says he’ll be traveling for a couple of weeks.  Maybe he went for some redemption against the tribe of cannibal rapist natives who captured him on the Amazon?  Or maybe he was hospitalized after being completely overtaken by his delusions?  Or maybe he’s on some lavish vacation, enjoying all the money he’s made acting like a moron on TV?  The possibilities are really endless.

The article also claims that Ozzy allegedly has a voicemail message similar to Coach’s. He has supposedly taken a leave of absence from his job waiting tables.  None of Ozzy’s “evidence” is confirmed at all from what I can tell.  Realityblurred cites TVFunSpot, wherein the poster states that “someone else” gave him this information.


If I haven’t made my stance clear yet, I find all of this extremely suspect.  Despite the fact that I’ve been following this story for over two weeks now, I have yet to find any actual sources to back up the claims.  Apparently the poster who started this rumor has a history of spoilers coming true, but then again, that doesn’t prove anything.

I know realityblurred isn’t necessarily a bastion of journalistic integrity, but the leaps in logic in that article are astounding.  It’s a bit inappropriate for them to be presenting any of this as more than rumor at this point.  Based on what little evidence I’ve seen, I’m skeptical that any of it is true.

Then again, when I first heard the rumors about Rob & Russell returning, I didn’t believe that, either.

For now, my verdict is that it’s doubtful, not impossible, and hopefully false.