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Episode 10: Running the Show (11/16)

I love a good Pagonging* as much as the next guy (that’s what she said), but this season is sort of starting to look like last season where every single vote is obvious and there’s absolutely no drama whatsoever.  I’m glad they’re feeding us the condensed Savaii massacre (with 2 weeks in a row of double eliminations) because if that had been dragged out into 4 episodes I just might have given up.

*Pagonging = reference to season 1 when Tagi completely decimated Pagong after the merge, keeping all their tribe members together until all of Pagong’s were gone.

The Truel

Over at Redemption Island, we got to see this season’s first 3-man duel (truel? trial? I have no idea), thus beginning the RI clusterfuck that started around this time last season.  Was it any surprise that Ozzy won this challenge?  I have to give props to the editors for making it as dramatic as they could, but really, there was never any doubt in my mind.

So Jim “the most unique man to ever play this game” Rice is our first juror, and Keith “Homewrecker” Tollefson is our second.  Why did I call Keith a homewrecker, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you later!

Ozzy: Still a Moron

Ozzy’s sitting pretty.  He’s away from the drama, he’s self-sufficient, and he has a great shot of winning any given duel.  Plus, he’ll be the last person people hang out with before they go to jury.  But then he had to go and tell everyone about it.

I would say it’s generally frowned upon to explain to everyone left in the game why you’re in a better position than they are.  Who the hell would want to take him to the end now?  I think that once again, Ozzy’s ego took over and logic fell by the wayside.  No one’s rooting for me!  Oh yeah?  Well you’d have to be a complete retard to take me to the end!

Upolu’s Giant Crack

Slowly but surely, the cracks are deepening in the Upolu alliance.  Albert, Sophie and Cochran almost flipped last night (they were smart not to), and Coach is rightfully paranoid.

The thing I didn’t understand is why Albert wasn’t gunning for Coach rather than Edna when they considered flipping.  What the hell is the point of booting Edna, other than to weaken Coach?  Why not just go straight for the jugular and get Coach out now, and Edna (a much weaker player) next?  Booting Edna sends a clear message to Coach anyway, and a pissed off coach is a lot more threatening than a third-member-of-our-jury Coach.

Sophie FTW

I’m really really starting to love Sophie.  She’s playing a phenomenal game right now.  She’s under-the-radar but incredibly cunning and smart.  My heart still goes out to Cochran, but he’s overplaying his hand and it’s going to bite him in the ass really soon.  Sophie, on the other hand, only makes moves when she has to. And with her second immunity win last night, she sent out the biggest borewhore of the season, Whitney. Oh, that reminds me……

Remember a while ago when I called Keith a homewrecker?

Here’s why:  It’s been known among the Survivor message board fantards (like myself) for a while now that Whitney and Keith have been dating.  What we didn’t know until just recently, though, is that when they started dating, Whitney was MARRIED.  She lied to casting/production/everyone about it and said she was single for the show.  She even lied to her family and said she and her husband (Donny Fallgatter, a fellow country music wannabe) were engaged. Hey, if my last name was about to be Fallgatter, I’d probably lie about it too.

Apparently this Donny guy was totally faithful to Whitney while she was filming Survivor, and then right before she got back, she called him and broke it off.  She’s been dating Keith ever since they got back from Samoa.

Well, next week is the dreaded Thanksgiving recap episode, so I don’t know if I’ll be blogging it.  Hope you survive without me!


Survivalism (10/5)

This season is really off to a great start.  I love the cast, and while I’m not crazy about Redemption Island, so far it hasn’t been too much of a hassle.  Last night’s episode was action-packed!

Brandon Rides the Crazy Train

I actually feel bad for Brandon.  It’s obvious he has a shady past and is still struggling to figure it all out–he has no business being on Survivor.  I think it’s hilarious, though, that all of his tribemates keep comparing him to Russell.  The fact of the matter is that Brandon and Russell have nothing in common (except, perhaps, for their mutual resemblance to a Tolkien character).  Brandon is obviously trying to do no wrong, but that’s virtually impossible in a game like Survivor.  He’s making himself look like a lunatic and it’s kind of embarrassing to watch.

I did love when Coach essentially told Brandon to shut the eff up.  Coach actually has some sense this season.  How the hell did that happen?  He’s stopped trying to be a caricature and started acting like an amicable, cool guy.  I actually feel like I might even like Coach.  I can’t believe I just typed those words.

Papa Bear Goes Home

It was sad to see Papa Bear lose the duel.  He had potential to be a very interesting character.  It particularly pained me to see him lose to Miss Personality herself, Christine, who just might have the worst case of stinkface I’ve ever seen.  She just seems like such an unhappy person.  I hope she doesn’t last on Redemption Island, but then again, her newest opponent (Stacey) is even worse.

Edna Tries Too Hard

I felt bad for Edna last night, too.  She got a bad rap.  She seems like a sweet lady who’s just a little clueless.  I don’t think she’s as hated on her tribe as they tried to make it seem, though.  I noticed that the only people who said anything negative about Edna were Stacey and Mikayla, both colossal bitches.  Stacey’s argument against Edna was that she talks too much.  OK, maybe she does. But I think they need to cut the poor girl some slack.

I think Stacey said it best when she said this about Edna: “Bones on bones can’t…Bones cant lift too much if it’s all skeleton with the bones.”  Well said, Stacey.

Dawn Kicks Ass, Stacey Gets Booted

The Immunity challenge last night is a classic Survivor challenge.  It’s one of my favorites because it always reminds me of Giles Corey.  Dawn desperately needed a boost to her self-confidence, and she got it last night.  She’s shaping up to be a really interesting character.

Of course, that meant Upolu lost the challenge, and Stacey’s abundantly cheerful demeanor got her voted out of the tribe.  Really, though, is it any surprise that she’s a mortician?  Her social skills and ability to form intelligible sentences are both severely lacking.  She’s not exactly a charmer, is she?

Other Notes

  • How hilarious were Brandon’s faces in this challenge?  He looked like he busted a night and/or pooped his pants.
  • Speaking of Brandon, have you noticed that his occupation on the show is listed as “Russell Hantz’s newphew”?  I wonder if that comes with dental.
  • Jim’s teeth really are “suspiciously white,” don’t you think?
  • I’d really like to hear more from the so-far invisible people (Ron Swanson Rick, Keith, Albert, Whitney)
  • I’m dying to find out what Coach’s big hangup is about being called Benjamin, and why everyone else in the game then proceeded to call him Benjamin.

See ya next week!