Survivor: Philippines Twist (With Cast Spoilers!)

At the end of one of Survivor’s most boring reunion episodes ever last night (did we really need Blossom’s commentary on Colton?), Probst revealed the format for season 25, which will be held in the Philippines.  3 previous players who were evacuated for medical reasons in prior seasons will be returning for another shot.  And I have all the T on who the 3 returnees are, so if you want to know, click on the jump down below!

I have to be honest–I don’t love this idea.  I like the idea of bringing back people who were medevaced, but why only bring 3 among a cast of newbies? I’d much prefer they do all returnees or none.  How great would an “Unfinished Business” (a la a couple seasons of Amazing Race ago) be?  They could bring back people who made historically dumb moves (Erik, James), people who were medevaced, people who were eliminated due to purple rock debaucles, etc.  I could think up a full cast just off the top of my head.  But season 25 has already been filmed, so there’s no sense protesting it now.  Mark your calendars, because it looks like the season premiere of Survivor: Philippines will premiere on September 19th.

So who, exactly, is coming back? Find out more after the jump! WARNING: Clicking the link will reveal who the returning players are, so if you don’t want to know, don’t look!According to some pretty reliable sources, the 3 returnees are (and I’ve added a little information in case you’ve forgotten all about these people, as I’m sure many have):

1. Russell Swan

The OTHER Russell.

  • Evacuated from: Samoa, Season 19 (The season that unleashed Russell Hantz upon us)
  • Evacuated for: Losing consciousness several times during a challenge because of a dangerously low heart rate (the only time a challenge ever had to be canceled)
  • You may remember him for: Being incredibly well-liked by his tribemates on Galu; being level-headed enough for his tribe to elect him leader; leading his tribe to victory challenge after challenge; the number of times you referred to him as “Black Russell” to differentiate between him and Hantz

2. Mike Skupin

The flame-retardant Mike Skupin

  • Evacuated from: Australia, Season 2 (were you even born yet?!)
  • Evacuated for: Inhaling smoke; passing out into fire hands-first
  • You may remember him for: Being a little abrasive at first by cooking his tribe’s rice without their consent (and getting pissed when they didn’t like it); viciously slaughtering a wild pig and smearing its blood on his cheeks (which made Kimmi cry, I believe); running into the river to cool his burning hands and then showing off his dangling skin (an image Survivor just LOVES to replay); being the first medevac ever on Survivor

3. Jonathan Penner

Penner: He’s on a last-name basis with Probst.

  • Evacuated from: Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites, season 16 (possibly one of the best seasons ever); also appeared in Cook Islands, season 13
  • Evacuated for: Disgusting, bulbous, life-threatening infection in his knee, which had been punctured during a reward challenge
  • You may remember him for: Being disliked by nearly everyone in Cook Islands; being liked by nearly everyone in Micronesia; grating on Jeff’s nerves in every challenge (evidence here)

Well there you have it!

These three were all sitting in pretty good positions when they left the game.  Fun Fact: Black Russell, Skupin, and Penner were all taken out of the game in episode 6 of their respective seasons.  Know who else was taken out for a medical emergency in episode 6? Colton.  Coincidence?  I think not!

Anyway, I have little/no interest in Russell.  I think it might be interesting to have a returning player (Skupin) who hasn’t been on reality TV since its infancy (Australia aired in 2001).  I’m absolutely thrilled about Penner, though, because he’s always been one of my all-time favorites and I’ve been hoping for his return since his medevac in 2008.

In total there have been 10 medevacs in Survivor history.  Running through them in my head, there hasn’t been anyone else worthy of coming back, except maybe James Clement, but they just brought him back in Heroes vs. Villains.  So if they had to pick some medevac people to return, I guess they made the right choices.

It will be decent, I’m sure.  If for nothing else, I know I can count on Penner to make the season worth watching.


2 responses to “Survivor: Philippines Twist (With Cast Spoilers!)

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  2. I loved mike can’t wait to see him play again

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