Survivor: One World Finale & Reunion

I know that 2 months ago I said I was ready to start blogging regularly again, and then I never came back.  Sorry bout it! I shouldn’t be disappearing again any time soon, though.  On to the Survivor finale & reunion!

All Hail Kim, Ruler of One World

Kim and her mustache: the unbreakable alliance

It was a clean sweep for Kim last night.  Winning both the million dollars and fan favorite must be pretty sweet, and it was well deserved.  Kim played an incredible game from start to finish.  She called most of the shots and was a challenge beast, and everyone knew it.  But not once (aside from Troyzan’s failed attempt) did anyone seriously consider getting rid of her.  She played this season just like Boston Rob did on Redemption Island: it was a benevolent dictatorship where the subjects were too brainwashed to even think about the threat their leader posed to the end game.

Now Kim, go take that $1.1 million you just won and buy yourself a lifetime supply of electrolysis appointments for that upper lip!

Kat’s Final Tribal 180

Was anyone as bum-puzzled (thanks, Jay, for my new favorite adjective) by Kat’s speech at the final tribal?  I was fully expecting a vitriolic tirade wherein Jeff had to tell her to wrap it up.  Since her blindside, Kat has been the bitterest Betty since Russell Hantz.  And then she came out with that totally heartfelt, uplifting speech.  Who knew she possessed that level of maturity?  Not me!

Colton & Alicia

I’m sorry, but I’m not buying any of what these two were selling last night.  While I’m sure Colton isn’t attending regular KKK meetups, I do think the lady doth protest too much when it came to the racism accusations. But half the reunion was dedicated to him, so I’m over it. NEXT!

Alicia, too, was full of hot air in her teary apology at the reunion.  I’m a special education teacher too, and it takes a LOT to offend me, but even I winced when she made the comment comparing Christina to her students.  Aside from that, though, I really am concerned in general that she is a teacher of America’s youth.  I fear for the future of this nation. Alicia, I beg of you: quit your teaching job and find something better suited to your skill set.  It’s too bad Flavor of Love is off the air–you would have been perfect for that show.

Final Thoughts on One World

I loved the concept of One World.  I wish they would do it again sometime and stick to it longer (before mixing up the tribes).  Over the years, Survivor has come up with some very interesting twists and then given up on them too early in the season.  Meanwhile, we got stuck with Redemption Island for 2 whole craptastic seasons.  But I digress.

Overall this season was kind of forgettable for me.  The only players who were remotely entertaining (Troyzan) or likeable (Jonas) were voted out too early.    Previous seasons have fallen into this trap before, where the editing gets too focused on one person (think of Samoa and Redemption Island), and you barely see anything else.  While Kim’s game was nearly flawless, it wasn’t exactly thrilling to watch.

Oh Well.  There’s always next season.  I’m pretty stoked for the twist (previously med-evac’ed players returning for a second chance), but that’s a discussion for anther blog (which will be posted relatively soon, so stay tuned)!


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